Turn it off-Distracted Drivers in Florida

It probably comes as no surprise for anyone driving in Brevard County that Florida took the number 2 spot for the most distracted drivers. It seems everywhere we go, someone is texting and driving. They think it won't matter, but texting and driving can have deadly consequences. A recent insurance company study ranked Florida second in the country for having the most distracted drivers. EverQuote looked at drivers who used their cell phones while driving and the aggressive driving behaviors that resulted. Those behaviors included hard braking, speeding, sudden accelerations, and other aggressive driving actions. Actions that a driver texting had to make because they were not watching the

Free Range Parents- Smart or dangerous: Should the law allow kids to stay at home unattended, play o

The “free-range parenting” bill became law in Utah earlier this month after it passed unanimously in Utah’s legislature and the governor signed it. It’s believed to be the first such law in the United States, according to a story in the Washington Post. This law turns traditional child neglect statutes upside down by listing various activities children can do without supervision. It allows “a child, whose basic needs are met and who is of sufficient age and maturity to avoid harm or unreasonable risk of harm, to engage in independent activities …” Those activities include letting children “walk, run or bike to and from school, travel to commercial or recreational facilities, play outside and

Injunctions (Restraining orders) can impact your job as well as your life, especially here on the Sp

Stress is a part of life. Stress in a relationship can be managed if both people are open to honest communication. Some times, it's easier said than done. Arguments are a fact of life, and sometimes those arguments can get heated. It becomes a much more serious situation, however, when things spiral out of control. If your partner calls the police, the officers that arrive may believe that they have to take some action in response to a domestic call, regardless of what they find when they arrive on the scene. Even when you call the police, they could decide you are the aggressor. The police officers may detain you or place you under arrest in order to separate you and your partner while

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