The match of the decade- Daubert in one corner and Frye in the other. How this Florida battle over

In any case, the parties bring evidence into court to help prove their case. Criminal cases have different standards than civil cases but, in both, it's the evidence that makes or breaks a case. So the rules that dictate what evidence is admissible and what evidence is kept out (and away from the jurors' ears) can make all the difference in the outcome of the case. For a defendant in a criminal case, the difference can mean life or death. In Florida, the battle is on between two tests for expert, scientific evidence. If it were a boxing match, we would have Frye in one corner and Daubert in the other. The Florida Supreme Court will soon decide after hearing powerful legal argument from both

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Gavel and paperwork Florida

       Arna D. Cortazzo

Protecting Floridians' Rights for over 30 years.