Dead Men Don't Dial (unless Florida police help)

Largo Police shot and killed Linus Phillip on March 23, 2018 alleging self defense. According to the Tampa Bay Times, they decided they wanted his cell phone data for their investigation into the police shooting by one of their own. So, Largo Police officers went to the funeral home to get his phone. The phone was locked. Then it happened. The police took the phone to the body of Linus Phillip and held Phillip's lifeless finger to the phone to unlock it. It didn't work. They didn't have a warrant and they argue that they didn't need one because dead men do not have an expectation of privacy. Well, that's true, but his family is alive and they have a vested interest in the remains of Mr.

Is a Will enough when parents have minor children?

We last blogged about parents naming a married couple as guardians of the children in their trust and not stating what happens if the couple splits up or dies. Another big problem is when the parents only plan is telling a friend or relative who they would like to raise their kids and how to raise them. Failing to set up a Trust for their kids means the Court will likely distribute their assets, and the whole world will know about it as it's public record. Parents who fail to properly plan could be putting the money they work so hard for, the money they intend to take care of their kids, at risk. There are other problems too. Probate can take a long time. Another problem is that the

Naming A Couple as Guardians of your kids- Do you really want both of them?

Brian and Sarah came into our office for a trust. They wanted to make sure their children were raised according to their wishes if they both died. So they selected their friends Meghan and Jeff as the Guardians. I asked them what I always ask, "do you really want both of them or just one of them." They looked at each other and said, well, we really only want Meghan. Jeff is nice, but without Meghan, the kids would have no structure. As part of my estate planning practice, I meet with parents who want to make sure their kids are raised by people they trust in case they both die. Many want to ensure their kids go to college or participate in sports or attend their church. They name peopl

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