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Arna cortazzo

Protecting Floridians' rights for over 30 years.

Personal Injury

Personal injury can turn your world upside down, but Cortazzo Law Offices can help. Let our experienced staff work with you in all phases of injury, from the initial investigation through the trial phase. Click here to learn more about our personal injury practice.

Worker's Compensation

In June of 2016, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that parts of the Florida worker's compensation statutes were unconstitutional. The Court stated that the 104 week cap on Temporary Partial Disability benefits was so oppressive “that the workers suffer in silence rather than fight a system that is so obviously and drastically skewed against them.”  If you've been injured on the job, contact us to protect your rights, or click here for more information on our worker's compensation practice.


All it takes is one accident, illness, or unexpected job loss. Suddenly, bills are piling up and it feels impossible to get out from under them. At Cortazzo Law Offices, we have been able to drastically increase our clients' financial picture, save their homes, and restructure their debt through employing strategic bankruptcy applications. Learn more about our bankruptcy practice here.

Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

No-one wants to think about loss. Gain peace of mind and ensure that your assets are distributed the way you want them to be if the worst should happen. We strive every day to provide our estate clients with the tailored services they need and the compassion they deserve. With more than 20 years of experience, we are available to help with a variety of trusts to meet any family's needs; from families just starting to seniors who want to ensure their loved ones are not faced with the expense and stress of probate. Click here to learn more.

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