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Criminal Law

If you or someone who love has been accused of a crime

Being accused of a crime is one of the most stressful events a person can face.  You may be searching for answers, support, or simply, peace

of mind. When it comes to criminal defense, it is crucial to always remain one step ahead so that you are aware of what could happen next. You

may know that the State of Florida must have the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person charged committed the crime

in order to get a conviction.  We know that there are many ways to defend these cases, even when the odds may appear to be against you.


If you have been arrested or are already facing criminal charges, you may wonder whether you should involve a criminal lawyer, and at what

point in this process. You have the right to an attorney when you are arrested and during a criminal investigation. It is never too early to have us

defending you so we can protect your rights and represent your interests. Whether you are currently a suspect in a police investigation or if you

have already been arrested and are now in danger of facing criminal charges, an attorney can make a difference by helping you have a better

understanding of what you are facing.


We can help you get a better picture of what you may be up against, including the potssible consequences of a conviction. We can also offer

you advice concernning what to do and what not to do, so you can make the best choices . We can provide you with the defense you need.

Criminal charges, are classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending upon the particular offense as well as a number of other

factors, such as the defendant's criminal record, whether violence was involved, and more. A crime will be categorized as a felony or a

misdemeanor depending upon the potential penalties that the person accused may face if convicted. No matter how serious the offense, we

understand what to do to defend your rights and give you the best opportunity at avoiding a conviction. Best of all, we offer a free consultation

so you can find out what your options are at this point.

Understanding Criminal Court Processes


You may not be familiar with the legal process.. The Florida criminal court system is difficult to navigate on your own, even if your charges

seem insignificant to you. When it comes to defending you against these charges, it is important to have a lawyer that you can rely on through

the legal process. With your freedom, future and a possible criminal record hanging in the balance, you can't afford to be blindsided by the

attacks of the prosecution. We have experience handling a variety of criminal charges, including:

  • Drug crimes

  • Theft crimes

  • White collar crimes

  • DUI

  • Domestic violence

  • Weapons charges

While many firms are content to take your case just so that they can get more clients, we are concerned personally about each client. We

are  committed to the entire process as well as the results,  We are compassionate and skilled. We are familiar with Florida courts and use that

insight to give more strength to your defense.  We are no strangers to the Brevard County justice system, which can give you a comfortable

advantage. . As a local firm, we are armed with the knowledge about Brevard County Court rules, judges, prosecutors and court personnel in

our local courthouses.  We use this knowledge when we advocate for you.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, we would like to speak with you. 

The consequences of a conviction in Florida can be devastating. Even first time arrests can lead to jail time, time in state prison, thousands of

dollars spent in fines, life long criminal records, loss of employment, time away from family, deportation, and loss of your liberty. It can be

terrifying, especially in the beginning. If you have been arrested or given a Notice to Appear in Court, contact us by using the contact form

below or call us at (321) 690-2363.  We take all criminal cases seriously and we agressively advocate for our clients.  Our agressive approach

allows us to seek the best possible outcome for you. Don't wait, time is of the essence,  Call us today.


Have You Been Arrested?

10 Things to Remember After Being Arrested

1. Remain silent. Do not say anything to the police. You have the right to not answer any questions.

    Immediately ask to speak to your lawyer.

2. Do not consent (agree) to anyone searching anything that belongs to you. Also, do not give anything over to the police voluntarily.

3. Immediately seek out the help of an attorney. Call us for experienced legal advice about your legal needs.

4. Identify and seek out witnesses that are favorable to your case. Seek out their testimony while not incriminating yourself in the process. Call

    us as soon as possible so we can talk to these witnesses as soon as possible.

5. Do not discuss your case with your family, friends, or your cell mate. The only person you may discuss  your case with in confidence is your


6. Remember that no one in the criminal justice system -- from the police officer, the correction officers, or the judge at first appearance -- has

   your best interest in mind.  Each has important jobs, but none have your interests as their sole responsibility. Only your attorney has your

  best interest in mind. Don't trust anyone's advice other than that  of your attorney.

7.  Consult us before your next court date.


An arrest does not have to mean a conviction!  Contact Us Today.

Misdemeanors,  are cases in which a Defendant can be sentenced to up to one year in jail. The overwhelming majority of arrests in State court

are misdemeanors, while prosecution on a federal misdemeanor charge is very rare. Although these can be thought of as minor offenses, any

criminal arrest is serious. Further, those with no prior record need to be concerned about an arrest and how it will affect current or future

employment, security clearances, and other important matters.


 You need an advocate who will put your best interests first. In the face of a felony charge or charges, you may feel hopeless and overwhelmed.

That's why we are committed to helping our clients stand up for their rights against serious criminal charges.

A felony is a crime which is punishable by one or more years in state prison, or by death. Some examples of felony offenses in Florida are:

Contact us now to obtain the most comprehensive understanding of your charges, the penalties you face pending a conviction and to develop

a strategy as you face these charges.



If you have a criminal record, there are a few things that you should know. First, an arrest will stay on your criminal record, even if the end

result of the case was a dismissal. Having an arrest on your record can negatively impact job and educational opportunities, as well as some

loans. However, there is action that you can take in order to clear your criminal record, This allows these people to move on with their lives and

get a much-needed fresh start. We can help you understand your options in regards to sealing or expunging your criminal record and can

evaluate your situation in order to determine whether you qualify. It costs nothing for your initial evaluation. We represent clients throughout

Brevard, Orange and Osceola Counties.

There is a difference between expungement and sealing a criminal record. Sealing a criminal record means that the public cannot access it,

but particular government entities, such as those listed in Florida Statute Section 943.059(4)(a), will have access to the sealed record in its

entirety. Government entities will have access to expunged records but will need to obtain a court order in order to have access to the record

itself. They will only be informed that the record had been expunged and will need to get a court order to view the information in the record.

Not all records are able to be expunged. A list of these offenses, which do not qualify for expungement are listed in Florida Statute section

907.041, Contact us to learn more and to find out if you can seal or expunge your record.






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